iPraise jr | preK & K (must be age 4 by 9/1)
Your photograph and video may be taken while you are here and posted on our website or printed material. To protect identities, names and personal information will not be used without specific permission.
Students in grades 4-5 may be given permission to leave at the conclusion of choir without a parent. If permission to leave is granted, it is understood by both parents and staff that children will be permitted to leave the building and that it is the parent's responsibility to discuss safety procedures with the child. It is also understood that the iPraise staff cannot be held responsible for a child's whereabouts when rehearsal has ended and that it is the parent's responsibility to designate a meeting place with the child. If you agree to these stipulations and would like for your child to leave, please type your name below. If you would like your child to be responsible for picking up a younger sibling, please write the sibling's name in the space below.

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