Bible Studies

This class will take place on Monday, March 23 from 10-11:00am in room A18 (the large choir room).

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Most people agree that it’s a great idea to put those feelings down on paper. And they’ll get to it ... someday ... maybe. Some say that they’d love to write something, but have no idea where to start. And because of that, they never do. There are many excuses, but few ever say the idea doesn’t have value.

Look at it from another perspective. Have you ever RECEIVED a letter like that from an important person in your life? If so, what does it mean to you? Could you put a value on it? Or would you say it’s priceless? 

Perhaps you’ve lost someone dear to you ... parent ... grandparent ... spouse ... friend. What do written things from those people mean to you? Other than a photograph, it’s often the only tangible reminder you might have of their love for you. Just seeing someone’s handwriting can release a flood of emotions and memories.

Let’s face it, life is hard. Most of us are well versed in our own shortcomings, and tend to focus on those much more than what is unique or special about ourselves. Words of affirmation from those who are most special to us mean so much. Often, our loved ones see the untapped potential in us that we can’t see. Or they express a belief in us that shores us up when our confidence is wavering, or we’ve lost a job, had a disappointing setback or gotten discouraged.

Words matter. Words are so important. And encouraging written words from loved ones can have a tremendous impact, often outliving the writer.


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Leave Nothing Unsaid with JODY NOLAND
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